Progressive ~ Traditional ~ Open to All


online and in-person

Sunday - January 16, 2022

Open Hearts

Each week we gather in dynamic, creative worship featuring inspiring music from multiple choirs and guest musicians, plus sound teaching and preaching focused on living faithfully in the real world.

In worship, we "fall in love with God."

Join us in worship every Sunday at 9:15 AM

Open Minds

In small groups studies and classes (including on-line and off-site) and special events, we nurture discipleship for all ages, seeking to better understand and practice the 'Wesleyan way' of the Christian story.

In discipleship, we "stay in love with God."

Christmas Celebrations

Family Service at 4:30 PM

Join us for worship online or in-person for the Christmas Eve Family Service led by our children and youth.  The service features the retelling of the Christmas story through a skit and concludes with the breaking of glowsticks.

Candlelight Service at 7:30 PM

Join us for worship online or in-person for a classic Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  The service recounts the traditional Christmas story through Scripture and music.  The service concludes with the passing the candlelight and singing "Silent Night."

Highlights from the Christmas Concerts

Open Doors

Welcoming people into the community of faith, we connect and support one another in fellowship through Family ministries, the Youth Fellowship group, and adult groups such as Mingles and Tri-Ms.

In fellowship, we "share the love of God."

Open Hands

Worship, fellowship, and discipleship work together to send us into mission locally and globally to 'transform the world.'  Mission means direct hands-on work through Sierra Service Project and similar mission trips, advocacy for justice issues, and developing resources to share through the United Methodist connection to meet needs around the world.

In mission, we "make God's love real in the world."

Gathering Times

Sundays at 9:15 am