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A One-of-a-Kind Accomplishment!

Out of nearly 200,000 restaurants in France, only 22 receive the highest accolades.  Only ONE of these has a female chef—Anne-Sophie Pic! Gene Bream shares his experiences with the renowned chef, and take us to visit her stunning restaurant.
Wednesday at 3 PM on Zoom, October 25th

Saving Notre-Dam de Paris!

We were all shocked when the world’s most famous cathedral caught fire four years ago.  How could this massive edifice built of solid stone burn so violently? Gene Bream will lead two sessions on the significance of this great cathedral, explore the cause of the fire, and the rebuild efforts to restore this wonder.
Wednesdays at 3 PM on Zoom, September 13th and 20th


What is a pilgrimage? Join Gene Bream in exploring the concept and power of pilgrimage via Zoom. The class examines famous historical pilgrimages including El Camino de Santiago, Islam’s Hajj and Hinduism’s Kumbh Mehla.
Wednesdays at 3 PM on Zoom, January 11th, 18th, and 25th

An Appreciation of Saint Francis of Assissi

Why does this gentle soul, who lived nearly 800 years ago, hold such a fascination for us still today? Join Gene Bream via Zoom to sift through the endless myths surrounding his  remarkable life.  We'll explore together this truly extraordinary being and his calling.

The Magic of Provence!

Explore this fabled region of France—lavender fields & sunflowers, country churches, colossal cathedrals, serene spiritual sites, medieval castles, and stunning Roman ruins.  Provence has inspired great artists like van Gogh & Cezanne & Chagall, it is home to flocks of magnificent flamingoes, and Provence offers deliciously unique cuisine and magnificent wines. In a time when it’s still tough to travel, we’ll experience bucolic landscapes, charming medieval villages, and the sun-drenched beaches of the Riviera.  We’ll even try to learn how to play pétanque and speak a bit of Provençal!  Eugène Bream will offer this Zoom series of four sessions starting April 6th at 3pm.

Mont-Saint Michel

Gene Bream presents a Zoom class on the islet of Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandy, France), a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its marvelous Romanesque Abbey.  History and art will come together in the exploration of this second spot.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Many of you have participated in Gene Bream’s informative sessions which have included “A Pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral”, “Glorious Stainte Chapelle à Paris”, “Da Vinci's “The Last Supper””, “Treasures of Van Gogh”, and “A Wild Truffle Hunt."  Gene’s next Zoom offering will be a three-part series exploring the beauty and glories of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts .  Come join us for this journey as we trace the development of these stunning artistic gifts from the European Middle Ages.

La Sainte Chapelle 

Gene Bream will take us to La Sainte Chapelle, the stunningly magnificent little church in Paris built by Saint Louis.  We will see the relic presumed to be Jesus' Crown of Thorns for which La Chapelle was built, learn about the chapel's history and construction, and look closely at La Chapelle's truly breathtaking stained glass.