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Easter Lily Dedications

Thank you to everyone who donated Easter Lilies for our Easter worship service.
Below is the list of dedications honoring loved ones and in memory of those who now reside in God’s eternal kingdom.

Betty Andersen in memory of Arne Andersen
and in memory of Betty Adams

Nick and Kathy Asolas in memory of Shirley Asolas
and in memory of Margaret McKenna

Debbie Bessey in memory of son Paul Bessey

Margie Bouton in memory of my father Robert Bouton

Dave and Linda Bratz in memory of our parents and in honor of our children

Kathy Brickman in memory of Ed Brickman

Ginger Brown in memory of David Brown
and in honor of our sons Chris and Greg

Terry and Tena Bushart in memory of our parents

Joel and Nancy Butler in memory of our parents

Nemesia Carlson in memory of Jack Carlson

Suzan Cashin in memory of Carolyn Busch and James Busch

Jennifer and Bill Conn in memory of Sara Jane Church

Roger and Martha Cox in loving memory of son John Cox

Camille Crawford in memory of parents Hal & Marion DeJonge and Lelia Crawford

Mary Davison and Lloyd Lambert in memory of our parents

Ron & Janet Everett in honor of our family

Helen & David Faul in memory of Priscilla Carroll and our parents

and in honor of our 3 sons and their families.

Robert & Kathy Fierro in memory of Robert and Rose Fierro,

in memory of Bob Mackin honor of Sylvia Mack, 
in honor of our 8 wonderful children, 
and in honor of our 4 fabulous grandsons Lucas, Noah, Trey, and Rory

Bill and Cris Garlington in memory of Jack and Joan Garlington
and  Joe and Mary Ella Carnahan

Keith & Michael Grim-Radonich in memory of Peter Radonich and Matthew Facto

and in memory of Larry and Gwyn Grim

Nancy Guirell in memory of my parents Connie and Andrew Urzi

and in memory of my husband Ray and son Paul

Stacy Hall in memory of John Hall

Joy Hart in memory of my husband Lewis Hart,

in memory of my parents Adrienne & Oliver Hunter,
in honor of the many hidden angels among us
and in honor of Pastor Kim and the entire church staff and volunteers

Mark Holstrom and Debi Bates in memory of our friends, loved ones and family
and in honor of our friends, loved ones and family

Don Howald in memory of Nancy Howald
and in honor of Beverly, Marian, and Anna

R. Phillip Jones and Helen Quiocho in memory of both parents, brothers and sisters
and in honor of children and grandchildren

Kathy Joseph in memory of my  brother Roy Perkins

Lisa Kadowaki in memory of my husband Mark T. Higgins, and in memory of mother Alyce Kadowaki

Nate & Daniel Kim in memory of loving brother, Samuel

Janet Kinch in honor of Kristi VanKeersbilck and Dorrie Kelley

James & Nedra Kindig in memory of our parents Ned and Evelyn Jayne

and Arnie and Gladys Kindig

Sue LeBreton in memory of Craig LeBreton

Ann Leffingwell in honor of son, Mike Selesky 60th birthday

Hillary & Stella Ling  - He Is Risen

Katherine Ling in memory of my parents and my two brothers

Bill Manzer in memory of Raelene Manzer

Doris Mleczko in memory of William Mleczko and Suzi Loeb

Mark and Janine Ortgies  in memory of Jake Vernon

Terri Padgett in memory of Rep Padgett

Julie Parmelee in memory of grandparents Olive and John Buchholz
and Julia and Cullen Parmelee

Jim Paulson in honor of Nanci Paulson

Jim and Nanci Paulson in memory of Linda, Glenn, Laura and Julie Paulson

Fred Phipps & Cathy Trainer in memory of Robert & Mark Trainer

and in memory of Doris Phipps

Keith Plogsterd in memory of Sidney & Doris Plogsterd

Linda Rivera in memory of Edna Morris

Beverly Schippmann in memory of Nancy Howald

and in honor of Don Howald

Kathy Silva in memory of Roger Silva and Susan Silveira

Lee and K.T. Silver in honor of Monday Morning Prayer Group

Maria Simao in memory of Joseph Simao

Ruth Smith in memory of Daryl Smith

Carol L. Spracklen in memory of my husband Milo

and in honor of our children and grandchildren

David and Susan Stone in memory of our parents

Bob and Valerie Tholl in memory of our parents

Nancy Vancott in honor of our daughter Krista Laughton

Emily Vaniman in memory of my parents

Kristi and David VanKeersbilck and family in memory of Bud Swanson

Linda White in memory of Frank White

Judy Wilcoxson in memory of Winfred Wilcoxson 

and in honor of my family

Mike and Evelyn Williams in memory of Mike's parents Marion and Bob Williams
and in memory of Evelyn's parents Corrine and Delbert Muth

Stephanie Williams in honor of Barbara Williams

Mary Jo Wolowicz  in memory of Rosemary Gontarski Lind

John and Nancy Wood in memory of our parents Toy and Leah Woods

and C.V. and Dot Lipscomb