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Easter Lily Dedications

Thank you to everyone who donated Easter Lilies for our Easter worship service.
Below is the list of dedications honoring loved ones and in memory of those who now reside in God’s eternal kingdom.

Betty Andersen in memory of Arne Andersen

Jacque Benjamin in memory of family passed and in honor of family and friends

Dave & Linda Bratz in memory of our parents and in honor of our children

Kathy Brickman in memory of Ed Brickman

Tim & Marian Brock in memory of Marian’s mom and in honor of Margaret Brock

Ginger Brown in memory of David Brown

Marjorie Buell in memory of Jeff Buell and Polly Buell

Terry & Tena Bushart in memory of our parents

Nemesia Carlson in memory of Jack E. Carlson and Cornelia M. Sayco
Robin Estes in memory of Bryce Hunt and in honor of my sisters, Patty and Debra

Ron & Janet Everett in honor of family

David & Helen Faul in memory of our parents and sisters and in honor of our 3 sons and their families

Sabrina Faul in memory of my sister, Angela Lai

Patty Foeller in memory of Doris Hunt and in honor of my sisters, Robin and Debra

Gladys Goertzen in memory my husband, Lando Goertzen

Paul & Peggy Graham in memory of Carl Graham

Ann Gramlich in memory of my parents and in honor of my family 

Keith & Michael Grim-Radonich in memory of Gwyn & Larry Grim and Pete & Helen Radonich

Nancy Guirell in memory of son, Paul

Karen Gundelfinger in memory of Paul & JoAnn Gundelfinger

Joy Hart in memory of Lewis Hart, and in honor of all CUMC volunteers

Rick Johansson & Sheila Reilly

Kathy Joseph in memory of brother, Roy Perkins

Lisa Kadowaki in memory of my husband Mark T. Higgins, and mother, Alyce Kadowaki

Ed & Cheryl Kido in memory of Dean Dahlin and ‘Sparky’ & Sumie Kido and in honor of Eleanor Dahlin

Jim & Nedra Kindig in memory of Mr&Mrs Arnie Kindig, Mr.&Mrs Ned Jayne and Rev Dr Edward & Barbara Jayne

Hillary & Stella Ling in memory of our parents and brothers

Gaylene McPherson in memory of Zeke Mata

Doris Mleczko in memory of Bill Mleczko and Suzi Loeb

Glen & Cheryl Nelson in memory of our parents and in honor of our grandchildren, Charlie and Faye

Mark & Janine Ortgies in memory of Mark’s dad, Fred Ortgies and son, Jake Vernon

Terri Padgett in memory of Rep Padgett

Cheryl Peterson in memory of my dad and in honor of my wonderful family

Fred Phipps & Kathy Trainer in memory of Doris Phipps, Bob Trainer and Mark Trainer

Helen Quiocho in memory of R. Philip Jones, Tomas A. Quiocho and Enacarnacion A. Quiocho

K.T. Silver in honor of Lee Silver

Ruth Smith in memory of Daryl L. Smith

Dave & Carolyn Soyars in memory of Kathy Wilcox and Jill Soyars

Carol Spracklen in memory of Milo

Gayle Swanson in honor of the VanKeersbilck family

Emily Vaniman in memory of parents and children

Linda White in memory of Frank White

John & Nancy Wood in memory of unborn great-grandchild who is with God 

and in honor of great-grandchildren, Scout, Aaron, Ezekiel, Samuel and the two to be born this year